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Yoga Blue Cruise Retreat

Women's Magic & Healing Hearts Yoga Cruise (Week 23 & 37)
2018 Dates: 2 - 9 June, 15 - 22 September

Looking for a unique, soul-searching, heart-opening, and self-healing way to explore the Turkish Riviera? Traveling single, in a group, or with a partner? We have something special in store for you…

Bodrum Boat Rental is excited to announce a special 7 Night "Women's Magic & Healing Hearts" soul cruise this fall (Week 23/2-9 June & Week 37/15-22 September). We invite you to embark in Bodrum on an “unforgettable” yoga blue cruise retreat. For Bookings CLICK HERE

It is time for the feminine to rise and hold space for bringing a new leadership and balance into the world...to celebrate in Sacred Womanhood within a circle of soul sisters. Together we will honour our female energy and access our intuitive wisdom. As women, we have a deep connection with Mother Earth and the natural cycle of the nature, life and death. We have access to ancient knowledge and sisterhood, that holds the power to heal and bring peace to the world. Through recognizing ourselves and getting connected to our natural powers and wisdom, we can heal both the feminine and the masculine.

We hold this retreat as a sacred space for true connection, joy, meditation, sharing, silence, rising our energy, healing, and empowering of ourselves and each other.  Let your soul be touched and let it touch others. Throughout the week we will get in touch with our natural connection to our cycle, our sex and our bodies.

With guided meditationsyoga and Soul Art, we will dive into the mysteries our body and spirit longs to show us.

Price and Details:

Tour Price: 1350€ pp, includes:

  • Double Occupancy (1600€ Single)
  • All Boat Charges
  • Accommodation/Food*/Soft Drinks
  • Daily Soul Art, Yoga and Energy Work
  • Certified Yoga Teacher &
  • Energy Healer/Soul Art Guide
  • 24/7 Multilingual Guide (Coaching will be in English but all guides speak English & Danish)
  • Alkaline diet (see details below)

All boats we use have the needed allowances and certificates and our crew is educated according to international seaman law. In addition, we are insured by the Turkish Tursab.However, we suggest that you arrange your own insurance for cancellation and health.

The closest airport to Bodrum is Milas/Bodrum. You can fly from Billund, Aalborg, or Copenhage to Bodrum via Istanbul on Turkish Airlines (www.thy.com) and on Pegasus. I don’t recommend searching the internet for the cheapest fare as some of the charter carriers are not reliable.

Tour Details:*

Embark: Saturday from Bodrum
Route: Bodrum – Gökova – Bodrum
Daily Yoga, Meditations and Energy work
Daily Soul Art – creative expression
Explore Nature, History & More
Disembark: Following Saturday in Bodrum

Daily Program:
We will start the day by opening our body. Go in and feel ourselves and begin sensing todays vibration. After breakfast we will go into energy work and Soul Art. The opening of the body will support this process, so we can go even deeper in our self-exploration about being a woman today. We will go into themes as our natural rhythm, who is supporting us, who came before us, how is our inner feminine, and how does she reflect into the world. What is you strength, desires and needs as a woman. How to become aligned with that. Our female bodies will have the support of the warmth from the sun, and the soothing sea-water around. And in the late afternoon we will round of with centering ourselves through meditation, sharing or yoga. On the first day, we will gather when we are settled in our cabins for information and a small meditation.

Expected Daily Schedule:
Morning yoga (1)
Soul Art/Energy work (2)
Relaxation, swimming, sunbathing, exploring the area, sailing, possibility of personal sessions.
yoga, meditation or sharing
Evening open
 There might be changes in the programme set-up and the program may change due to weather and wind conditions 

Akaline Diet: On our cruise, we will focus on nourishing, detoxifying, and optimizing the health of our body by following an Alkaline Diet. An Alkaline Diet emphasizes alkaline foods such as whole fruits and vegetables and certain whole grains, which are low in caloric density. A healthy Alkaline Diet involves the ideal balance between acidifying and alkalizing foods. You will not feel hungry as the food we serve will contain the perfect balance between protein and carbohydrates. Our food will primarily consist of vegetables, fruits, nuts beans, lentils, vegan oils and herbs. The Turkish kitchen, especially the mezes (similar to tapas), offers a large variety of dishes suitable for an alkaline diet. This diet will support us in clarifying our mind and body. A sample daily menu is provided below.

Sample Menu**
Breakfast: fruits, bread baked on nuts/seeds; choice of of egg dish: omelette, menemen, fried eggs, boiled eggs; olives, raw vegetables.
Lunch: humus, tomato salad, eggplant salad, bread baked on nuts/seeds, steamed artichokes.
Dinner: veggie balls made w/cauliflower, quinoa salad, sweet potato fries.
Dessert: dark chocolate/dade cake.
snacks during the day, dried fruits, fresh fruit, raw veggie snacks, nuts
a variety of herb teas
**Some days we will also serve fresh made veggie/fruit juices.

Note: If you have any dietary restrictions or would like to add milk or flour dishes to the diet served, we are happy to accommodate you. Please ensure to mention it to us at the time of booking.

Cruise Instructors & Guide

Kristine Overgaard Nielsen-Organiser & Guide:
I will be your round-the-clock travel guide on and off-board during your cruise. I am a Dane who has lived and travelled extensively in Turkey for over 18 years. I have been settled in Bodrum for the last 12 years and I am an expert on blue voyages, local travel and tourism, and Turkish food. 
My main goal is to make sure you have an unforgettable vacation. I would be delighted to help guide you with your pre and post cruise planning. I speak Danish, English, German and some Turkish. You can contact me at info@bodrumboatrental.com

Lalitah: I am an Energy Healer and a Soul Art guide, having completed training in Osho Therapy, tantra and family constellation. Moreover, I am Reiki Master, Life and business Coach and Intuitive painting facilitator. I created the healing form AscensionTouch where my wisdom, knowledge and intuition meet. My original education is Social advisor. For years, I worked with healthcare in the public system and the corporate world. I have had a healing center with an art gallery in Copenhagen. I am fully committed to be the true version of myself. My mission is to support men and women in living from their true self. I love to meet people in heartful exchange and to travel and now I live in Turkey. I am in touch with a deep silence and I work with high vibrational healing and heart initiations always from a loving and clear space.

“Working with Lalitah was the perfect support I needed…I realized how to feel and recognize the answers that are already alive and present in my soul. Her gentle way of combining different spiritual techniques, the way she embraces ‘the now’ during the healing and her talent of
ultimate empathy with my way of blocking my ‘unwanted’ emotions; gave me the feeling of being safe and being understood. And this gave me the courage to start allowing the creativity of my soul to unfold and it gave me the courage to feel it in different fields of my life, such as my work and career with music education.” - Pinar Dönmez, Netherlands

“An out of this world experience that has been a cure for my life long love sickness and brought me freedom from some social restrictions. It has paved the the way for a healthier life ahead and shown me what I should do to change the status quo.” - Mustafa Arsan, Turkey

Contact Lalitah at facebook.com/heart.awareness or at Lalitah@live.dk

Charlotte Savitri: I am a certified ID Life coach, Reiki healer and a Svaroopa yoga therapist and teacher and I have
been teaching, giving 1:1 sessions and facilitated workshops and retreats since 2012 and I am a certified Osho Therapist. I have also worked for many years in the business world, as a manager, where I developed a better understanding about interactions between individuals. How to achieve better results, both in business and in terms of personal satisfaction, which is essential, in my opinion, in order to create a more harmonious way of living life in all its different aspects.

"Relaxed and so calm throughout my whole body, loving, soft and warm are some of the words that
come to me. Thank you for an amazing workshop. I'm grateful for a beautiful journey to myself,
even if it was even the first time I joined, I look forward to the next one.” - Love Nina

"Thank you so much for a beautiful workshop, it was so nourishing for my body and soul. I felt
completely comfortable in the loving and caring space you created and that made me surrender and
let go. It's difficult to put into words; on a deep level, it gave me an inner calm and balance and an
experience of healing. I was reminded of the importance of giving myself time and space to just be.
A big hug and love to you.” - Celinah 

Contact Charlotte Savitri at www.houseofharmony.dk or at info@houseofharmony.dk

(1) What is Svaroopa Yoga?
It is a meditative, feminine and healing yoga form, consisting of soft poses and movements, which supports you to relax into your own being. Svaroopa yoga supports you to release tensions, especially around the spine, from the tailbone all the way up to your head.
As soon as you release tensions around the tailbone, your whole body starts to vibrate in a new way, triggering the natural intelligence which is in every body, together with our natural capacity of self healing. It helps you to unfold, unravel, in order to find a feeling of "home" in yourselves and your body. Starting to live from "presence" in all our activities and interactions with others, instead of just reacting automatically out of habit. In this way, we gradually become more capable of experiencing true joy and harmony in our lives. Reclaiming our natural qualities.

(2) What is Soul Art?
Soul Art is an amazing enlightening and healing journey into yourself and other realms through using the creative expression of art as voice for it. With Soul Art, you get a language bigger than words to communicate with your body, mind, emotions and spirit. It is a healing form that uses the expression of painting to get insights about yourself and answers to your questions. It takes you into other realms and you use the creative expression to get to know yourself on a deep level. Soul Art gives you an inner support to move in life. It connects you, grounds you and give you deep insights to be yourself. After a proces you have a painting that communicates your soul message. You can keep on coming back to it and get new insights. We will mainly work with painting as a creative expression. You will be guided all the way through the journey – and there is no artisitic skills or experience needed. Only your call to dive into colors and create and get in touch with your core.